Supermarket v salon hair products


Although I do love having lighter hair, managing it is a whole other story. It goes brittle, severely dry and more frizzy once you start to take out the moisture and get some highlights and balayage. Today on my day off I spent hours with a slab of coconut oil in it in the hopes that it would quench the thirst I assume my locks are currently experiencing. So far so good.

My hairdresser, the impeccable Amanda from Oscar Oscar Paddington, was appalled shocked when I told her that I wash my hair with Herbal Essences. I didn’t see anything wrong with that – spend a ton of money on colour and scale back on management. It smelt nice and came in big pumped-size bottles. A win, surely? Nope.

“There is no comparison with supermarket vs salon purchase hair care,” says owner and director of Oscar Oscar, Oscar Cullinan.

“You get premium ingredients, just as you do with our premium beauty products.”

To be fair I have tried Redken and felt like it did nothing for my hair. My hair is naturally quite thick and wavy so I usually need quite a bit of product. Unfortunately for most of these brands, the biggest bottle is 300mL. That’s about a fortnight’s worth at a stretch. And at those prices, I could buy a whole carton of Herbal Essences.

But I’ve decided not to be stubborn and give them another shot. I’m going to trial a few, Kerastase is next on my list, and hopefully find the right one. (But if you know of one, please do let me know.)

“The right products can give you the shiny, bouncy hair you have always wanted,” says Oscar.

I hope I find them.

Like the French

I really like Embryolisse. Like really. I even dedicated one entire post to their Lait-Crème Concentrè. It’s that good. (I’m still only halfway through my first tube because I was so scared it was going to run out.)

But now I’ve discovered that there’s more to the range and that you can actually buy it in Sydney! Yes, that is correct. No longer do you have to plan a trip to Paris to stock up on one of these bad boys. It’s readily available to you at Scotty’s Makeup – they have a store at Broadway and you can buy online! How wizard!

Top French makeup artist Jean-Pierre Van Cauwenberghe swears by Embryolisse’s Micellar Lotion. It’s sort of like Bioderma’s Crealine H20. (I swear the French come up with everything.)

“Not only does it cleanse the skin and leave it in perfect condition, you can also re-apply make-up immediately,” he says.

Plus I also discovered that they have a BB cream – they have a BB cream! I’m not really a foundation sort of girl and like to alternate between tinted moisturisers (I love Laura Mercier’s) and BB creams. The Secret de Maquilleurs BB Cream (with SPF 20!) goes on like a dream and doesn’t feel oily at all. It’s a shame it only comes in one shade because I bet I’m going to be like three shades darker in a few weeks, but for now, it’s awesome.


Cornersmith, 314 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

I’ve been meaning to go to Cornersmith for ages. Ages. But I’m not exactly in Marrickville often so I never had the chance. But today I dragged my boyfriend and I was not disappointed.

The menu itself isn’t extensive, but it’s honest and simple. The flavour combinations are amazing and everything is so fresh and surprisingly affordable. We each had a cold pressed juice for $4. Four dollars! That’s ridiculously cheap when considering Sydney’s overpriced prices.

The boy had a pasture raised ham sandwich with maffra cheddar, lime and chilli corn salsa and I had the Cornerstone plate. It took me ages to decide but the variety of its components won me over. And then came the sauce. Oh the magical sauce. The devilled aioli. I’m going to have dreams about that sauce.

The plate consisted of pork and beef meatloaf with dried sugar plum, thyme, soft boiled eggs, devilled aioli, a herb salad and some toast. For $18 (you can get a share plate for $30), it was economically filling. Each bite was a surprise and a delight.

Cornersmith is very close to Marrickville station so if you’re catching public transport, it’s a breeze to get to. There’s also ample street parking around the cafe.

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Heidi_Klum_New_Balance_GymHeidi Klum x New Balance top, sports bra and tights

I did a pretty peculiar things yesterday … I signed up to the gym. I know, right? Strange. Me. Paying. To. Exercise. Ridiculous.

But after eating what was my fifth scoop of gelato in a week I thought to myself: “You probably need to balance out this diet/body before summer comes.”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a complete couch potato. I’ve been doing Xtend Barre at their Sydney studio for about two years now and I did use to go to the gym (until I stopped going and quit a year ago).

I found it quite hard to stay motivated. Getting up early and dragging your bottom to the gym is one arduous task and after a few months I soon preferred sleeping in to pump classes. And so one day I stopped going altogether.

So when one of my friends suggested we sign up to the gym together, I thought why not. And so far, the whole one time I’ve gone, it’s worked. I thought about staying in bed but didn’t want to let my friend down. Guilt-tripping = perfect solution. It doesn’t help either that my boyfriend’s an athlete and trains like crazy.

Guess it’s now an excuse to fall into the depressively pointless trend that is to buy excessively expensive workout gear which, although you may look good in whilst exercising/buying a green smoothie, will ultimately be drenched in sweat and tears. (The Heidi Klum x New Balance outfit above was gifted to me.) I wouldn’t mind spending a bit here and there on a few essentials like good tights, shoes and a comfy sports bra, but anything else is a bit insane. Like people who wear makeup at the gym. Insane.

Who knows – I may eat my own words and fork out a fortune at Lorna Jane/Rebel/Eastbay. Depends on how dedicated I am to the gym this time ’round.