Anything but grey

IMG_6984It’s been a month since I’ve started working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, and you know what I’ve realised? Weekends are the best. I’ve really, really taken weekends for granted.

Weekends and brunches.

Weekends and brunches and sleeping in.

Lounging around in my jammies, devouring overpriced magazines, front to back.

Redoing my nails whilst burning the latest Glasshouse candle in the background.

Complete bliss.



Devon on Danks

Devon_On_Danks_Waterloo_Moulin_FrockDevon on Danks, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo

Yum. Yum. Yum!

I liked Devon Cafe, sure, but Devon on Danks? Wow! They have a similar menu but what separates the establishment in Waterloo to the little eatery on Devonshire Street is its desserts. A plethora of cronuts and donuts (green tea and red bean is my favourite!) and a special soft serve which changes flavours every few weeks. Continue reading

Easy as A.P.C.

IMG_6955Besides cleaning out the piles of unnecessary clothes in my wardrobe, I’m also adding a few quality classic pieces to it. I figure the extra expense is worth it because they’re going to be a staple and I’m going to wear them all the time, every day. The cost-per-wear theory. Something my boyfriend refuses to understand because he is a boy.

But don’t worry. I’m pretty sure I’m right. Invest in good pieces, take care of them and they will last the ages.

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