American beauty haul

IMG_7979Surprisingly I didn’t buy a whole lot when I was over in the States (though it sure seemed like it at the time!). I “researched” quite a bit before we flew out and by that I mean watch a ton of Youtube videos of Sephora hauls. I love it – and still do it. Whatevs.

I pretty much narrowed down my list to:

  1. Products I needed to stock up on and were cheaper in America
  2. Products currently unavailable in Australia
  3. Products that I’ve always wanted to try out but were too expensive in Australia

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My new favourite way to relax

IMG_8143I always loved to colour as a kid. I entered so many Easter egg colouring competitions in school and owed so many Faber Castell texta sets because they were the cool pens in town. From gradual shading to boldly outlining the edges, I did it all.

So you can imagine how happy I was that colouring books for adults suddenly became the norm and a way to relax and unwind – hooray!

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La Jardin

One of my highlights when travelling overseas is heading into & Other Stories. I’m serious – that store is too pretty for its own good. I love their clothes, sure, of course, but its their beauty products and shoes that really get me oogling.

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Checks, mate

bb2 IMG_8069Bailey Boyfriend Coat via Beginning Boutique

I seldom wear prints – besides stripes because they are pretty much a part of my body at this point – so I thought I’d venture out a little bit. Checker print = black, white and a combination of stripes so that sounded like a good idea. And a good idea it was.

This felt coat not only blends seamlessly into my wardrobe, but also keeps me super warm (silly Sydney chill). It’s a little bit oversized so I can go crazy on the layering and still look super chic. Aaaaand it has pockets! – never underestimate the importance of pockets.