Dion Lee x Target

Dion Lee For Target_Campaign ImageLovers of minimalism and structure – rejoice! Dion Lee’s capsule collection for Target is coming. To be released across stores 35 selected stores nationally and online at www.target.com.au/dionlee, the collection features “signature tailored detailing, laser cut and technical fabrications”.

“The Dion Lee for Target collection is designed to reflect the lifestyle of the contemporary woman, mixing elements of tailoring, lounge and active wear, to create the ultimate modern wardrobe,” says designer Dion Lee.

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Some kind of progress

IMG_7103So this is a snippet of what my open wardrobe currently looks like. That’s some kind of progress, right? As you can see my style pretty much revolves around denim, navy, white, grey, black and stripes. It suits my aesthetic and the colours and pattern complement one another. That way, if I’m ever in a rush – which seems to be every morning – I don’t have to waste too much time thinking about what to wear because everything will certainly match.

I’ve actually sold/donated/given away enough of my clothes that I now have less items of clothing than my boyfriend. I know right? Hard to believe but it’s true.

I’m heading to NYC in just over a month (eeeeep – exciting!) so no doubt much damage will be done there. But I will, hopefully, try to refrain myself from buying too many unnecessary pieces that’ll just end up at my next Glebe market stall. Classics and staples first and then we’ll deal with the trends.


The best of Priceline … so far

What I promise myself and what actually happens when I go into Priceline:

  • “I’m only going to get one thing.” Ends up with a whole new haircare regime.
  • “I’m only going to have a quick look. I swear.” Basket full of products.

I’m sure you’ve been guilty of this before. I actually used to work at Priceline and they might as well not have paid me because whatever I made I just gave back to the store. Casual strolls through the aisles turned into “ooooh, note to self: pick that up at end of shift”.

But now that I no longer work there and am no longer continuously surrounded by lusty beauty products, I seem to have my addiction somewhat under control. I’m much better at know what I want and what I need. Sometimes, occasionally, I do pick up something to test out for fun – whether I’ve heard about it from a friend or from another blog or YouTube channel.  Continue reading