How I look after my skin in winter

IMG_8326It’s officially the last day of winter – hurrah! – so I thought I’d do a summary of what beauty products got me through the season. I really love winter fashion but when it comes to your skin, gah! Flakiness, blocked pores, redness, the list goes on.

In winter I like to approach my skincare regime the way Koreans do: layering. Lots and lots of layers. The more moisture, the better. Continue reading

Boston: Melbourne’s sister city

I have a Harvard sweater so that means I can go here too right ūüéď #usaphanmail #harvard

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I didn’t take any photos on my DSLR during my time in Boston – oopsies. But that’s mainly because there is so much going on in the city, so much history, I didn’t even know where to start. So I just decided to take whatever I could on my phone and take each sight as it comes. Did you know Boston, Massachusetts (gee that’s a hard word to spell!), is one of America’s oldest cities and¬†the home of several key events in the American Revolution? Like I said in my DC post: I know nothing of American history. So discovering all this was just fascinating. Continue reading